A Simplified Ride to the Airport

We know it may be a little out of place for a political party like AffiliationQuebec, whose normal beat is minority rights, to weigh in on west island and airport public transit, however the transport mavens seem to have overlooked what may be an obviously easier solution.

Both CP and CN operate twin tracks from downtown to Ste Anne de Bellvue, and points, west. It strikes us that one twin could be used for all freight traffic from the west to the city center. The other twin could be used for all passenger and commuter traffic from Ontario, the west island, Dorval, and downtown.

What’s left is to build a perfect little Bombardier shuttle train similar to so many in use at North American airports, from the airport terminal at Trudeau coming in under the existing via rail terminal at the Dorval station.

Once the planning and construction is complete, airport travellers and west island commuters alike, can take the train from downtown, with stops at the Vendome metro station at Decarie, Montreal West-Westminister, and then on to Dorval, and points west.

Arrived at Via Dorval, simply take the escalator or elevator down to the underground platform for the two minute shuttle connection to the airport.

Have the expensive consultants overlooked this obvious plan, or is it too simple and uncostly to justify another Quebec megaproject?