Electoral Reform: Another Lost Opportunity!

The proposed changes to Quebec’s electoral map should be of considerable interest to Anglos and other minorities because of the important impact on future representation in the National Assembly.

Considering that most of Quebec’s Anglophones and Allophones squander their valuable votes on the Charest Liberals, who clearly fail to represent them adequately, the case for correct representation according to constituency population becomes moot.

Worse, that numerous ridings over the many years of revisions have been exceptionally well gerrymandered is simply a convenient political fact. For example, a riding like Westmount is no longer an English riding at all, provincially or federally.

And in other constituencies where an Anglophone or other cultural community candidate could have and should have been be selected to represent the voters, disenfranchisement in favor of a Quebecois candidate has often been the case.

While AffiliationQuebec is trying to remedy that situation so as to bring about higher visibility for Quebec’s minorities and the issues of concern to us, voter malaise and a general disinterest in AffiliationQuebec as a political alternative seems to obviate our input in the electoral map discussion.

As in most other areas of political concern to our community, it is another glaring lost opportunity to assert our presence as involved cultural communities, and to openly demonstrate our unheeded needs and requirements.