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  Policy Spotlights:
  • Quebec economy is now in decline. Positive action is
      required to aid and encourage Montreal area business,
      the 'MOTOR' of Quebec industry.
  • Excessive taxation MUST be reduced.
  • Health care/access/and languages of service.
  • Social Services/access/and languages of service.
  • School boards/Education/Training/Language rights.
  • Employment of minorities in public services _ agencies.
  • Funding and building the MUHC hospital.
  • Common sense _ productivity in public service contracts.
  • Montreal/the Agglomeration council/Demerged communities.
  • How were our rights abandoned in Ottawa?
  • Electoral revision to reflect fair voter representation.
  • AQ supports environmentally-friendly practices.

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
info@affiliationquebec.ca Affiliation Quebec