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    Response to Bouchard-Taylor Testimony

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AffiliationQuebec decided not wait for the Bouchard-Taylor Commission hearings on reasonable accommodation to be held in Montreal only in late November in order to comment on some of the presentations already made before the inquiry.

AffiliationQuebec leader, Allen Nutik, deplores the silence of Quebec leadership in the face of the often offensive bias, so openly expressed and covered widely in the media.

"The fact that several of the presentations have expressed such narrow and intolerant views towards minorities in Quebec", says Nutik, "suggests a prejudicial theme that, regretfully, lies buried 'deeply and widely' across the Province".

Nutik urges Quebec leaders to speak out clearly, loudly, and emphatically to counter these offensive attitudes, so generally disseminated.

Nutik underscores that continued exposure to such views daily in the media will only serve to poison other Quebecers with these repugnant attitudes. The continuous hearings create the impression that intolerant opinions are both socially acceptable, and widely held throughout Quebecois society.

"On the other side", says Nutik, "many in the minority and Anglo communities have expressed shock and fear at the depth and extent of negative vibes voiced in some of the testimonies given before the Commission"

The AffiliationQuebec leader affirmed it would be truly regrettable and unfortunate if Quebecers have so easily forgotten the significant and essential role that minorities and Anglos have played, past and present, in the development of Quebec.

"With 42 % of Quebecers non tax paying", affirms Nutik, "just imagine Quebec without Anglo and minority businesses, employees, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, pharmacists, engineers, shoppers, customers, and taxpayers"!

"Je me souviens" also has meaning for minority Quebecers and staunch Canadians, who twice have voted to remain firmly attached to the national fabric of our country-Canada, all of this despite a poorly worded referendum question and allegedly stolen votes, which the courts still consider us too politically immature to see.

"Nous nous souvenons", avows Nutik, "we have experienced the xenophobia and bigotry of some Quebecers before the Commission, and we caution that this NOT be the 'voice of Quebecers', nos compatriots!"

"Many ethnic groups within Canada successfully retain their identities," says Nutik, "and none but Les Quebecois, through enacted Quebec laws, employ discriminatory legislation to deny others their entitled rights.

"Quebec's discriminatory laws are not representative of reasonable accommodation", Nutik points out, "Rather, they serve as examples of blatant, state sanctioned discrimination".

In closing, Nutik was clear; "Minorities and Anglos neither threaten nor prevent Les Quebecois from retaining and building their intrinsic social and community values.

"Just look at Quebec, today!" declares Nutik, " Indeed, it was British values of 1841 and 1867 that entrenched French Canadian rights in the Canadian constitution to protect French Canada. It is telling that it is the entrenched Anglo rights that have been tampered with and eroded."

"Quebecois rights are safe", states Nutik, "but as rights imply responsibility, now it's up to Quebec's leaders to realize how to exercise those rights without harming their citizen partners".

AffiliationQuebec is a new Quebec political party formed to pursue the full rights and interests of staunch Canadians living in Quebec, and will present candidates in the next provincial election.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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