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    Time To Consider Partition

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More than two million staunch and loyal Canadians live under the political uncertainty of Quebec, emphasizes Nutik, while Federal party leaders compete to appease the nationalist/separatist factions in order to buy their votes to form a majority government.

"We thought we lived in Canada, in a province we and our ancestors contributed significantly in building, practicing reasonable accommodation. In reality we live under a Quebec regime of state sanctioned discrimination, or worse." laments Nutik, "To which, Federalist parties have eagerly and shamefully acquiesced."

"And worse," adds Nutik, "The intolerance and open racism too frequently expressed before the Bouchard Taylor Commission, without any serious refutation, is truly disgraceful! Who knew?"

Nutik proposes: "Perhaps the time has come for Canadians to call for the partition of Quebec so the separatists can have their independent state on some part of the north shore of the St Lawrence River, and the rest of us can get on with our happy and productive and tolerant Canadian lives."

"The huge minorities of Quebec have been abandoned by their Federal parties and most of their own English language media, not to forget the courts, which have failed to respect our constitutionally entrenched rights. The nationalists must no longer be permitted to control the agenda!" avows the AffiliationQuebec Leader.

"As the PQ and the Bloc ratchet up their latest version of anti Anglo and minority rhetoric, while the Charest Liberals and ADQ support them through their silence," Nutik affirms, "It is time for us to speak out and protest our unjustified loss of rights, or accept the vile indignities the ultra-nationalists (resident in most Quebec political parties) have and will continue to heap on us."

"We have ceased to be full citizens of Canada," Nutik says regretfully, "we are held hostage in a Quebec of abrogated rights and hostile feelings."

The openly contentious situation in Quebec underscores the formation of AffiliationQuebec as a new political party established to pursue the full rights and interests of staunch Canadians living in Quebec.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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