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For immediate release

For the last forty odd years, Quebec's nationalists and separatists have monopolized and controlled the Canadian agenda with their ought to be illegal 'question nationale'.

Cet agenda devrait absolument, se terminer quelque part!

More than two million staunch and loyal Canadians live under the political uncertainty of Quebec, while Federal party leaders compete to appease our nationalist/separatist factions in order to buy their votes to form a majority Canadian Government.

Why? So that they can give Quebec even more cash and transfer of powers so the eventual separation of this province can become a reality?

We, Francophone, Anglophone, Allophone, aboriginal, we thought we lived in Canada, in a province our ancestors and we contributed significantly in building, practicing reasonable accommodation with all our neighbours, paying our taxes, and being good citizens.

In reality we live under a Quebec regime of state sanctioned discrimination, or worse, to which, Federalist parties have eagerly and shamefully acquiesced.

"And worse, the intolerance and open racism, too frequently expressed before the Bouchard Taylor Commission, without any serious refutation, is truly disgraceful!

Who knew?

If Charest and his liberal party, plainly on its way to political oblivion, did NOT know...then it definitely should have known that it was opening a Pandora's box full of such ugly proportions that AffiliationQuebec is holding Mr. Charest and the Liberal Party fully responsible for pandering to the worst nationalist elements in this province, and for fomenting the latest round of racist feelings, of which the other nationalist parties in Quebec are fully prepared to take advantage.

Nous tenons Monsieur Charest et Le Parti Libéral pleinement responsible pour cette nouvelle saison de sentiments racistes au Québec.

Perhaps, and I say this advisedly, that the time has come for all Canadians across the country, to call loudly for the partition of Quebec, if necessary, but not necessarily partition, so the separatists can establish their ill-gotten independent state on some part of the north shore of the St Lawrence River, without our precious Canadian citizenship, and with its own new name; so the rest of us can get on with our happy and productive and tolerant Canadian lives in the bilingual, respectful, welcoming, and loyal to Canada, Quebec Province where we.... proud Québécois, Native and Aboriginal people, Anglophones, Allophones, and immigrants, all part of this huge "minorities" of Quebec, où on peut vivre ensemble, en paix, en fraternité, dans un nouveau partenariat des gens vivant ensemble, dans une esprit d'enrichissement collectif et personel.

Nous, loyaux Canadiens, nous avons été abandonnés par nos partis Fédéraux...We have been abandoned by our Federal parties in Ottawa, and most of our own English language media, and here I single out the erstwhile Montreal Gazette, in whose pages the name of AffiliationQuebec rarely appears in any major or significant way, the National Post, the English service of the CBC, and the others, who know very well who they are, and not to forget the courts, which have too often, clearly failed to respect our constitutionally entrenched rights.

Why do they want to block this message?

The nationalists must no longer be permitted to control the agenda!

And we, staunch and loyal Canadians in Quebec... we must not permit ourselves to be the victims of this misdirected nationalism based on revisionist historical fact.

Affiliation Québec... nous appuyons la Langue Française, nous supportons la culture Québécoise, on respecte l'empiètement dans la Constitution Canadienne des droits des Canadiens Français... mais on exige que les droits des minorités soient également respectés.

There is nothing in the AffiliationQuebec program that is unfriendly to the Québécois enterprises except for two subjects:

  1. The separation of Quebec from Canada... and
  2. The abrogation of any minority right

Si non, nous-les Canadiens loyaux, nous avons notre propre option!

La partition, si nécessaire...

As the PQ and the Bloc ratchet up their latest version of anti Anglo and minority rhetoric, while the Charest Liberals and ADQ support them through their silence, it is time for us to speak out and protest our unjustified loss of rights, or come to accept the vile indignities the ultra-nationalists residents in most Quebec political parties and across the public service, have and will continue to heap on us.

We want to hear you, Lawrence Bergman; empty platitudes are NOT enough.

We have heard you, Geoff Kelley, and it is NOT what we expect nor accept to hear from you.

And we have heard you, too, Yolande James...better to keep silent and not demonstrate your weakness and inability to represent the constituents who elected you.

Russel Copeman... Who do you speak for, and what have you ever said that matters?

Jacques Chagnon...Pierre Marsan...

Francois Ouimet.. Où en êtes vous?

Pourquoi on gaspille nos votes chez vous et Le Parti Libéral déloyal.

We have ceased to be full citizens of Canada, we are held hostage in a Quebec of abrogated rights and hostile feelings.

The openly contentious situation in Quebec underscores the formation of AffiliationQuebec, this new political party established to pursue the full rights and interests of staunch Canadians living in Quebec.

The framework is here.... it is up to you, "mes compatriotes," to help build the walls and roof of our very own political enterprise.

The next Quebec election is only months away...Will we be ready to make our votes count??

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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