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    Response to Charest!

For immediate release

M. Premier Ministre:

In your letter to Quebecers, you say the province must not allow fear and intolerance to triumph. Then, why have you lead us there?

Indeed, what IS going on in Quebec under your leadership?

We no longer have a reputation for openness and tolerance! Your Government supports "state sanctioned discrimination", and Quebec's record is one of language restriction, sign control, denial of access to school systems, exclusion of minorities from public service hiring, and linguistic management over immigration.

It is about "rights", Mr Charest; Our rights!

Instead of acting decisively, you appointed a Commission, which permits the daily spewing of hateful opinion so that all who wish to watch have come to feel that these ugly sentiments are the normal voices of mainstream Quebecers. We can only pray they are not.

You have not spoken to cultural minorities, Allophones and Anglophones. You wrote of "equality", but only to "share our success in French and on the basis of our common values". And, what are those common values? Who, exactly, is part of the "Quebecois nation", and how does one gain admittance?

The problem is not what people outside of Quebec think. The problem is about the discomfort of so many in their own land, and determining the reasons so many have left, and why so many more are continuing to leave, and why even more are planning to leave.

Once these answers have been confronted in an in a direct and constructive discourse, Quebec may become a more open and inclusive society.

Fear and intolerance, and dissatisfaction are the legacy of your administration!

I will put the essential question to you differently, Mr. Charest, "will you and the Liberal Party of Quebec support the principle and state clearly that ridings that vote Liberal in the next election will remain 'in Canada' should Quebec separate"?

Your potential voters would like to hear that answer.

Et, merci pour nous avons ecrit dans la langue non-officielle!

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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