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    Who Speaks for Quebec's Minorities?

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AffiliationQuebec accepts that the QCGN (Quebec Community Groups Network) may be composed of 27 affiliated groups, but emphatically disputes that it speaks on behalf of the 608 thousand Anglophones it claims to represent in it's presentation before the Bouchard-Taylor Commission last week.

AffiliationQuebec assertively denies the QCGN claim that "We are happy with the linguistic, social and political peace we have achieved in Quebec over the last 30 years", as if the QCGN is, somehow responsible for that mythical "peace".

AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik calls it "More of a "standoff" since the forced imposition of Bill 101 and other draconian rules restricting education, language, signs, and access to services to Quebec's minority and Anglophone population."

"Definitely not peace!" Nutik underlines, "There are huge numbers of people who are patently uncomfortable and unhappy in the nationalist state of Quebec. That is exactly why more than six hundred thousand of us have already left Quebec, not that the QCGN has noticed, although we are sure the separatists definitely have."

"There are even more," says Nutik, "who are planning and waiting for their opportunity to escape, especially since the latest concerted nationalist onslaught; and the ugly, hate-filled outpourings before the ill-advised, Charest created, Bouchard-Taylor circus.

As Nutik recalls, "Nowhere was it written, except in Quebec nationalist rhetoric and later imposed in Quebec Bills 22 and 101, that Quebec is a French-only province." Prior to 1974, Quebec was legally bilingual (English and French), as once entrenched in Canada's constitution.

"Speaking bluntly," says Nutik, "this unacceptable and blatant revisionism must be rectified before it is too late, and the separatists are permitted to achieve their goal."

AffiliationQuebec recognizes the importance, vibrancy, and validity of the French language as an integral part of Quebecois identity, and Canadian fact."

"But why have the epic contributions of the English minority in Quebec been obscured and devalued?" Nutik asks.

As the largest current minority in Canada, French Canadians are encouraged to use all available resources and tools in order to safeguard and promote their culture and language. But Nutik remains emphatic: "This must not be achieved at the expense of Anglophone and minority rights!"

"Nowhere in Canada has the French language been curtailed," points out Nutik, "Why should English and minority rights be abrogated in Quebec? Just because Quebec separatists and nationalists possessed the unilateral power to do so is absolutely not valid reason enough!"

"Regretfully," says Nutik, "the QCGN, publicly funded in the millions by Heritage Canada from taxpayers money, appears more concerned at upsetting their political paymasters than properly representing English minorities in Quebec.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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