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    Response to Racists!

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AffilitionQuebec Leader Allen Nutik replies to Quebec ultra-nationalists in their attack, yesterday, on English institutions.

"We have heard your message of hatred, Mouvement Montreal francais and Societe St Jean Baptiste. The Anglophones and minorities of Quebec want the entire province and all of Canada to clearly hear our response:

Call off your vicious dogs! We have had enough of your threats and your lies, and remind you that you have finally unleashed feelings that can no longer go unanswered.

We are your co-citizens and co-partners in Quebec. Treat us as such, and restore to us our unalienable rights, as you cherish yours!

We are your neighbours, working hard in Quebec to pay our share of taxes in order to support the 42% of Quebecers who pay none. 600 thousand Quebecers who have already left were not enough? You want still more to leave? Obviously!

Les Quebecois are fully welcome in our hospitals, and thousands of French Quebecers are happily and satisfactorily treated every day by English and French speaking doctors, nurses, and technicians, mostly in their own language, in these so-called English hospitals.

Complaints are very rare, considering the considerable number of visits! How many complaints are registered in French hospitals?

And come to think of it, whatever were you doing, Mr Beaulieu, as an "agent provocateur" in the English hospital you complain about, when you have so many of your own where you can receive such perfect treatment in the official language of Quebec?

This blatant racism and continuous threats against Quebec's minority communities must end.

These actions underscore the creation of AffiliationQuebec as a political party to pursue the full rights and interests of staunch Canadians living in Quebec.

**NB to The Gazette, Canwest, and the CBC: It is now time you shared these political concepts, and the leadership of AffiliationQuebec with your readers, listeners, and viewers.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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