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In our quest for a "civil and just society" AffiliationQuebec has filed the following complaint with the Quebec Press Council, believing, notwithstanding the primary importance of free speech, that there is equally a public responsibility not to destroy the delicate tissue of communal social order:

Dans notre recherche "d'une société civile et juste" AffiliationQuebec a déposé la plainte suivante avec le Conseil de presse du Québec, croyant, malgré l'importance de la liberté de la parole, qu'il y a également une responsabilité publique de ne pas détruire le tissue sensible de l'ordre social public:


That the Journal de Montreal, in it's front page expose on January 14, 2008, intended to inflame the already tender sensibilities of Quebec's political and social balance, by acting as an "agent provocateur", in its worst sense.

As a leading daily newspaper, Journal de Montreal has acted in an irresponsible and reckless manner by featuring an article of questionable news value, placed in a position where the editors knew a maelstrom would ensue.

Further, the story's headline is quite unrelated to the subject of the material, and fails, in any way, to prove that customers are unable to be served in French.

The offending article may be found at: http://www.canoe.com/infos/quebeccanada/archives/2008/01/20080114-053201.html

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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