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    Open Letter to The Gazette/Une Lettre Ouverte à La Gazette

For immediate release

Sorry to disagree with you, The Montreal Gazette (editorial, page B6, Jan 26/2008), but the language fracas is much ado about "quelque chose tout à fait de conséquence", not "rien", as you offer.

What's more, you even say it in the last paragraph of your editorial: "But that's the problem with ethnic nationalists - nothing is ever enough for them. It's time for the rest of us say the situation we have is fine. If nationalists' real goal is to eradicate every vestige of anything but French, that's just wrong."

While Quebec's minorities are under daily threat and pressure from nationalists, separatists, the PQ, ADQ, Mouvement Montréal français, Société St. Jean Baptiste, and the Charest Liberal Government of Quebec through it's many agencies, among others, The Gazette postulates, "the situation we have is fine".

Yes, once it might have been "fine" had there been peace, prosperity, and quiet. But, in the case that you do not read your own news pages, there is no peace, and it is "not fine". Indeed, "wrong" it is.

Since it became Montreal's only English language daily newspaper, a period of about 25 odd years, The Gazette has consistently denied, pooh poohed, and played down what can only be described as the systemic, intentional, and institutionalised "linguistic cleansing" of Quebec, to the point of dramatic loss of it's own circulation, let alone the departure of six hundred thousand Quebecers.

Where have so many of our friends and family members gone? More important, why?

What part of this tragic, thirty year old story does The Gazette not comprehend?

We at AffiliationQuebec clearly understand both the agenda and end goal of the nationalists -- the separation of Quebec from Canada. But what we want to know is: What is and has been the agenda of The Gazette?

We suggest the minority, Allophone, and Anglophone communities of Quebec would never have descended to their current difficult and untenable situation had not the so called "lamb lobby" and The Gazette been so complicit in our demise. Indeed, we must wonder if they were working together in league?

We urge you, The Gazette, to publish this letter, but we are willing to bet that you dare not. However, we do pray that other brave media and bloggers, will!

For the minority communities to survive against the onerous nationalist onslaught in Quebec will require concerted strength, commitment, and unity. And, that will include our only daily newspaper. Liberal Party traitors need not apply; you have already helped too much.

Winnipeg, are you listening?

The Late, and missed Issie Asper certainly would have heard!

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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