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** NOTA: Après avoir reçu tant de plaintes des nationalistes du Québec au sujet de la qualité de notre "français pitoyable", en raison des moyens limités actuellement, AffiliationQuebec a décidé d'écrire dans "l'anglais de la Reine" au lieu de la "langue de Molière", pour la meilleure compréhension de tous.

**NB: Having received so many complaints from Quebec nationalists about the quality of our "pitiful French", because of limited means at this time, AffiliationQuebec has decided to write in the "Queen's English" instead of the "language of Moliere", for the better comprehension of all.

AffiliationQuebec Leader, Allen Nutik, says that for Quebec's minority Allophone and Anglophone citizens, memory often runs on the "short side".

With the Liberals set to implement more strict applications of Bill 101, according to Premier Jean Charest, many of Quebec's minorities may have forgotten that the whole language problem was instituted in the first place by another Liberal premier, Robert Bourassa in 1974.

And that, says Nutik, comes on the heels of the one hour Liberal Government decision to appeal lawyer Brent Tyler's victory at the Court of Appeal over Bill 104, further restricting access for children to attend English language schools in Quebec.

"How much more vivid a picture must be painted", asks Nutik, "to signify the contempt with which Quebec's minorities are treated by the Liberals?"

Meanwhile Nutik notes that ADQ opposition leader, Mario Dumont and his entourage, are enjoying the warn and autonomous region of Catalonia, Spain, all at taxpayers expense of course, where one can only presume he is examining how the ADQ policy of expressed loyalty to Canada can be expanded.

Nutik thinks Dumont and his court should have scrutinized the deep problems of Belgium, instead.

As for Montreal's four demerged suburban mayors who have expressed "no regrets" at their close attachment to the "very nationalist" ADQ, AffiliationQuebec's Leader challenges them to demonstrate one concrete action or statement from the ADQ that indicates any clear understanding or true support for our minority communities.

"They have hitched themselves to the wrong pony!" says Nutik,"The ADQ's promises will be as empty as Charest's".

And in an even more bizarre twist, PQ leader Pauline Marois now wants Quebecers to learn English. "Why?" wonders Nutik "when we live in a jurisdiction that promotes laws prohibiting the use of the English language. It just makes NO sense".

"We can hear the "militants" howling." laughs Nutik. "And these folks want a country? Sure, right after the nationalists learn how to run a democratic province".

"Without the active support of the Liberals, ADQ, and the PQ," states Nutik, "we might never have had the capacity to build a political party".

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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