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    Another Small Loss for Minorities

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It may not be much, but it is symbolic!

Chalk up one more little victory for Quebec nationalists in their quest to make Quebec linguistically "Pure and French".

"The Charest Liberals have caved in fully and silently", advises AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik, who reported: "The 'press 9' message for English telephone service now follows the complete French announcements at 5 of 9 government ministries, and the rest are sure to follow".

"All it took", says Nutik, "was a few dozen 'militants' to change Quebec Government policy to wipe out "simple respect" for 1.5 million minority Quebecers, who now must wait until the end of the French messages to find out if there are instructions in their non-official (in Quebec) language.

Nutik emphasizes that it is just another point to add to the long list of reasons the Liberals fail to deserve Allophone and Anglophone votes come next provincial election day.


Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

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