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    Letter from AffiliationQuebec to Petro Canada
re: English signage in Quebec

For immediate release

Feb 16, 2008

Mr. Ron A.Brenneman,
Petro Canada


I have noted the comment in the National Post (Feb 16) by Andrew Pelletier, a spokesman for Petro-Canada in reference to the OQLA, and signifying "no disrespect" in failing to use even one word of English at the pumps in Quebec.

Not only do we consider the actions of Petro Canada as being "complicit" with the intent of erasing any English footprint in this province, but they are clearly discriminatory, at very least, considering that even Bill 101 does NOT prohibit the posting of English signs.

Until I can sense a more respectful attitude towards me, and towards upwards of 1.5 million minority Quebecers from your company, I can assure you that I have purchased my "last litre" from any Petro Can establishment, and will equally suggest same to our growing membership at AffiliationQuebec.

I am sure that words of English, in lettering size clearly subservient to French, will not be found "disrespectful" to anyone in Quebec other than those who want it to be a separate country.

We ask you, by your statements and actions, to cease being 'complicit'.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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