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    Pub Problem solved; Bill 101, NOT!

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Pub Problem solved; Bill 101, NOT! /Problème de bar résolu, loi 101, NON !

AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik acknowledges that the sign skirmish at Mckibbin's Pub in Montreal is now over, with hearty congratulations in order to Inspector Clousseau and the Keystone language police for the fast resolution..

But Nutik cautions: "While this flare-up has been quickly extinguished, probably because of extreme embarrassment and international ridicule to the Quebec Government, the issues of Quebec's discriminatory Bill 101, restrictive sign laws, and the disruptive language and sign police are far from over."

"Bill 101 is an unjust and prejudicial law which must be repealed!" according to the AffiliationQuebec Chief.

"The French language in Quebec is secure and robust", claims Nutik, "Now it is time for the marketplace to reign supreme."

"If a French speaking customer is unable to secure service in French or where there are no French signs," says Nutik, "He should take his business elsewhere. Likewise for English customers," he emphasizes.

"The law of the marketplace levels all playing fields." says Nutik, "Successful business people understand that, and it renders unnecessary, the Gestapo similar language police. Fortunately, Quebecers have choices as to where they can do business!"

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

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