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    The Province of Laurier

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Following the unilateral declaration of independence by the breakaway state of Kosovo, AffiliationQuebec has reacted to renewed speculation over how that event could impact on Quebec's future.

In anticipation of an eventual third Quebec referendum on secession, and in the absence of any specific publicly announced preparations to maintain national unity in such an eventuality by Canada's Federal Government, other than the Clarity Act of 2000, AffiliationQuebec Leader, Allen Nutik tenders an alternative programme for serious consideration.

Nutik proposes the creation of a new province to be called: Laurier. The new province would guarantee the necessary landline connection to Canada's maritime provinces, a considerable element of control over the essential St Lawrence River, and the border with the United States, should Quebec ever separate from Canada.

Nutik notes the separatist argument that the Kosovo declaration of independence justifies their cause, but says, in fact, that it is the Anglophone and Allophone minorities in Quebec who bear onerous legislation, and whose rights are proscribed under Bill 101.

"Loyal Canadians have more of a right, and a need, to separate from Quebec than nationalist Quebecers have to leave Canada," Nutik says.

All of the Quebec provincial territory south of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers and much of the island of Montreal, at very least, would form the bulk of the new bilingual and multi cultural province, proclaiming full equality and rights for all. Other areas of strong pro-Canadian sentiment would be included to the landmass of Laurier, according to Nutik.

The abrogation of minority rights in Quebec along with continuous threatening and discriminatory behaviour by Quebec's nationalists have created an unhealthy climate in the province, which has seen the departure of well more than a half million Quebecers over the past thirty years.

"This trend clearly must end" says Nutik, who feels assured that the partitioning of Quebec, sooner than later, will lead to the resolution of many existing problems. It will provide the most nationalist of Quebecers with their own more autonomous province, so they can eventually choose whether or not to remain part of Canada, without making victims of the large numbers of loyal Canadians in Quebec, who have lived for too long under the constant threat of unresolved schism.

A majority of Quebecers have rejected two referenda on separation, but the threat of a third, fourth, and fifth still hangs in the balance, until Quebec secession has been won.

"The nationalist agenda can no longer continue to rule our lives," states Nutik, "the time has finally come to confront and resolve the issue that has diminished a great city, and has drained so much strength from of our wonderful country.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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