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    Rally at Ruby Foo's, A Manifesto!

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Speech at Ruby Foo's Rally,

Mar 02, 2008
by Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef
Rally at Ruby Foo's,

A Manifesto!

I do not think that most of the one and a half plus million, minority Quebecers not in this room today, realize the position that Quebec nationalists and separatists have very craftily drawn us into, and how precarious our situation as minorities in this province have become.

And I dare to suggest to you that our daily living conditions are considerably different today from what they were thirty years ago, no matter how hard the vestiges of the still influential, and very treacherous lamb lobby try to convince us to the opposite.

I presume that you know that your tax dollar financed Quebec Community Groups Network - read that: Lamb Lobby, is sponsoring a gala weekend meeting on the future of Quebec's Anglos, not open to the public, just up the road at the Universite de Montreal, with paid travel and meals for delegates of their 25 member group, some of which we suspect are essentially phantom organizations.

Here is our challenge to the QCGN:

If you truly stand for Anglo rights and interests in Quebec, then advise all of your members of the existence of AffiliationQuebec so they can weigh the option of joining a real political party to additionally fight for their interests.

I will not hold my breath, waiting!

Now, for just a moment, if you will permit me, I need to speak clearly to those many French Canadians, who like us, are fully committed to, and loyal to Canada, and many of whom also feel disenfranchised by their lack of political options in Quebec.

Je voudrais offrir notre message clair à tous les Canadiens français qui, comme nous, sont toujours fidèles au Canada.

Chez AffiliationQuébec... nous appuyons la Langue Française. Nous reconnaissons votre droit de parler et de travailler dans la langue officielle, mais en même temps, Je vous demande, devrions nous pas, les minorities, avoir également le même droit?

Pas au Québec, ca parait!

Chez AffiliationQuébec , nous supportons la culture Québécoise ainsi que votre droit de protéger votre culture en utilisant tous les moyens raisonnables qui ne sont pas destructifs envers les droits individuels des d'autres.

Nous respectons sans reserve les empiètements dans la Constitution Canadienne qui protége absolument les droits des Canadiens Français... mais on exige toujours, que les droits des minorités au Québec soient également respectés.

Je vous assure qu'il n'y a rien dans le programme d'AffiliationQuébec qui n'est pas amical à l'entreprise des Québécois sauf que pour deux sujets:

1: la séparation du Québec du Canada, et

2: l'abrogation d'aucun droit des minorités, ni de tout droit individuel au Québec

AffiliationQuebec est inclusif!

Il y a de la place ouverte en masse pour les Canadiens français dans notre parti politique, et nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue chaleureuse pour participer avec nous, de sorte que nos droits Canadiens soient respectés, pour nous tous.

For Quebec's minorities, our constantly evolving and slowly deteriorating situation is on the edge of becoming even worse, should Quebec nationalists be permitted to have their way, as they have been clearly signalling since last summer.

But I do warn you, as misguided as they may be, these nationalists do have an abiding and absolutely dedicated passion about their project, the ever looming and always threatened Separation of Quebec from Canada.

It constitutes a level of passion that we, on our side, just do not share about being Canadian, and of safeguarding our very own precious rights, now reduced by the privileged majority, here in the Province of Quebec.

I must remind you, and this is essential. AffiliationQuebec is somewhat like a package that you buy at the grocery store with an unopened, use before, shelf life date.

If we, together, acting as the Quebec minority rights political movement,do NOT succeed in electing - I repeat - If we fail to elect at least one member to the Assemblee Nationale in Quebec City, in the next provincial election, whenever that election is to be...

Our game is over!

Our shelf life is past!

Our use before date is lapsed!

Our right to speak on behalf of Quebec's Minorities and Anglos will have ended!

We, here today, must be deeply engaged, and personally committed to a very serious, and vitally important game plan.

And that game is called:

Put up...or Shut up!

Translation: If our numbers, expressed as a percentage of popular support do not eventually put AffiliationQuebec on the weekly opinion polls, then we will effectively constitute absolutely no substantive threat to the Quebec Liberal Party who, as you all well know, undeniably do not represent our basic interests at all, and therefore we will, defacto, deserve no media coverage of our opinions and platform,not that the Gazette, or National Post or CBC, have yet noticed.

The Gazette is a special story, allied to the Lamb Lobby, and with its own agenda.

The now dormant Equality Party, the now defunct Alliance Quebec, and AffiliationQuebec are not on the Gazette's agenda.

So be it! If we are to succeed, it will have to be in spite of them! We thank our lucky stars for the brave weekly newspapers in Quebec, French media, and the few other media people who believe in the importance of exposing our valid mission. Others feel we must be muffled so we can cause no trouble to the status quo.

It is and will be our perceived ability to elect members to the Assemblee Nationale that gives us political power.

It is you, your neighbours, your friends, your family members, and your co-workers and employees who must be personally enlisted to join in our cause, and ensure that AffiliationQuebec assumes its rightful place on the electoral map of this province.

Otherwise we warrant being the victims we have become, because we deserve to be the victims that Quebec nationalists and our very own home-grown Lamb Lobby, have made us.

And we, as staunch and loyal Canadians in Quebec, ... we must not permit ourselves to be, nor to become the victims of this misdirected nationalism based on now popular revisionist historical fiction.

Only we, united in effective political action, together in unity, have the power to reverse our victimization.

But we can only achieve our desired results if significant numbers of us dare to exercise our ability and our right to resist, and who actually join and support AffiliationQuebec in our quest.

Now I know that in this room today, I am preaching to you, who are the already committed to our just and valid cause, but through you and whatever media are here today, I hope I am talking to 1.5 million and many more Quebecers who must come to understand that this political party will not be able to run a near empty bus on route AffiliationQuebec forever, without their committed, involved, and financial support.

And if there is failure to demonstrate clear and unwavering support for the only existing political structure created exclusively to represent minority, Allophone, and Anglophone interests in Quebec - whether it be from: fear, apathy, fatigue, or failure to comprehend,

And it makes absolutely no difference, which it is... If the grassroots do not join to support the structures, created and provided for their own benefit, that structure must eventually fall without adequate and loyal commitment to the common cause.

That is our task, to canvass door to door, to call our friends, to man membership booths, to educate our public that this time honoured political action route is the correct and proper vehicle to regain our self-respect, and our lost rights.

We will need genuine passion for ourselves, for our cause, for our lost hopes, for our lost rights so unjustly stolen from us, for the Canada we truly believe in, and want to live in, for the hope of living happily and peacefully together in Quebec, -- or-- or a very large number of us will need to develop a personal exit strategy, viewed as simply a basic business decision, an exit strategy in order, ultimately, to save ourselves from this possible train wreck waiting to happen... called Quebec separation.

In effect, if we are not successful at drawing the necessary attention to our plight of denied rights, available to all other Canadians except for us, here in Quebec; and if the nationalists gain any more strength because of the constant attempts to buy nationalist votes at the supremely expensive cost of our collective future, because of our leader's destructive appeasement mentality, many of us could end up as refugees in our own land because we did not plan our own successful escape strategy, early enough.

And, yes, it is up to us, my friends, because your supposed leaders in Ottawa are asleep at the switch.

We, the minorities of Quebec, we have been forgotten in the aftermath of Stephen Harper having been so cleverly finessed and duped by Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc, with the generous help of the Liberals and the NDP in the recognition, of the "Quebecois Nation", while we have been left behind as the road kill of the endless, continuing attempt to appease Quebec nationalism.

Just whom are we kidding anyway?

Let's be blunt - the placating of Quebec nationalists and separatists just has not worked.

Has history not proven that appeasement as a policy never succeeds in the end?

And all continued attempts to do so must absolutely be stopped. Sooner than later!

And for that reason, AffiliationQuebec has adopted the adaptive policy of: "Partition if necessary, but not necessarily Partition", as the antidote to, and the mirror image of, Quebec Separation.

I sure hope that the separatists understand our concept clearly:

Si Le Canada est divisible, ansi le Quebec. If Canada is divisible, so too, is Quebec.

And why, I ask you, and I demand to know, does the Federal Government continue to shove official bilingualism down the throats of the bulk of unwilling Canadians, while there is only one supreme and official French language, here in the Province of Quebec?

Canada, my friends, is NOT a bilingual country. It is, rather, a country constitutionally obligated to offer its citizens services in English or French, -- but not bilingual services.

Until official bilingualism is restored to Quebec, it is disingenuous, callous, and discriminatory to implement it elsewhere in Canada while it is officially banned here in Quebec.

While the logic of this previous statement certainly is irrefutable to me, and probably to most of you, too, it clearly escapes Graham Fraser who is Canada's ineffective and very expensive language commissioner, as well as to most Federal Liberals and Conservatives.

And understand me very clearly... I have not said that those who wish to, should not embrace bilingualism or even trilingualism. They should, but because they want to, not because they are forced to.

And here I do walk a double-edged sword because AffiliationQuebec fully supports the teaching of the highest quality English and French language skills for all students enrolled in the English linguistic school system of Quebec, because if these youngsters are eventually to be full functioning citizens in the Province of Quebec, or our recently proposed Province of Laurier, it is only correct and natural for them to be able to communicate fluently both in French and in English.

À l'heure de la conquête en 1763, il y avait soixante mille paysans ici sur la terre en nouvelle France, qui ont été abandonnés par la France.

Maintenant, deux cents cinquante ans plus tard, Les Canadians Francais sont rendu jusqu'à six millions et plus, avec la langue française solidement établie ; et la culture Québecoise qui est forte, vibrante, et assurée.

Encore plus, ils font part d'une association significative avec des empiètements constitutionnels, dans un des plus grands et des plus riches pays en notre monde, Le Canada.

En réalité, il n'y a rien de meilleur que ceci.

Aux Canadiens français, je proclame que les minorités du Québec sont vos associés, vos voisins.

Si c'est la culture américaine qui menace, c'est un problème très sérieux, mais les Québecois doivent faire attention pour bien choisir l'ennemi correct, pour ne pas détruire les associés qui enrichissent quotidiennement leur société.

Une telle action peut seulement être décrite comme étant descructive au patrimoine de tout les Québecois.

Nous, les minorités, nous ne sommes pas l'ennemi et les monstres comme est réclamé par ceux qui nous dénoncent.

Et les enseignes commerciales avec le lettrage de taille égale, et les enfants dans les écoles linguistiques anglaises qui apprennent un excellent français et anglais ne sont aucune menace, ni à la langue française, ni à la culture Québécoise.

Cela devient une excuse et un mensonge pour une société sans le respect et aucune croyance en soi.

Cependant, ce n'est pas le problème des minorités et des Anglophones à corriger; ceci est le problème des Québecois à résoudre, eux meme.

Créer des victimes est la première étape pour en devenir une victime.

Ladies and gentlemen, each and every one of us has so much personally invested here, our homes, our jobs and businesses, our family and friendship networks, and all of the institutions that the Anglo's and others have built over the years, all based on the shifting sand of Quebec nationalism, gone awry.

The role of nation-building and nation-protecting - up there in Ottawa, Canada has been lost - - or forgotten - - or neglected - - or subverted - NOT even God knows what!

Quite frankly, I do not know and cannot tell you what those jokers up there in Ottawa are doing.... But for the minorities of Quebec, they are doing precious little, indeed nothing!

Since the early 1970's, we have been forgotten and abandoned by our Ottawa politicians, and quite frankly, it stinks.

With friends like these, ladies and gentlemen, we do have enemies.

It is absolutely true that we get the government we deserve. Unfortunately though, it is also true that not all of us deserve the governments we get, even though we are the ones who continue to vote for them.

We minorities in Quebec are not insignificant.

There are more non-francophones here in Quebec than there are people in any three of the four Maritime Provinces, combined.

At minimum, five hundred thousand of our family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers have exercised their option of leaving, or of being effectively forced out of Quebec in response to the undeclared, but very real policy of linguistic cleansing being covertly practised in this province, so that we will leave, and make separation from Canada that much easier for them.

In times of extreme urgency, those who act in order to save themselves are saved.

Those who dawdle most often are lost.

We, each and every one of us, have our own responsibilities to fulfill. We must remember that; we are on our own because our governments seem not to care even one whit about us.

Now I know that the most often stated argument presented as the excuse for not voting for AffiliationQuebec, just as it was for the Equality Party, is that it will risk getting the PQ elected, and return the separatists to power in Quebec.

I can promise and assure you that in any riding that is to be contested by AffiliationQuebec in the next election, we will only present a candidate if there is absolutely no possibility of a PQ member being elected if you vote for AffiliationQuebec in place of the lying and useless Liberal Party of Jean Charest, and his silent band of compliant and unprincipled members, supposedly representing our minority and Anglo communities.

Friends, why is it that we have not understood that it is the Quebec liberal Party that is our real enemy, even more than the rabid and fearful Pauline Marois, and the always dreaded Parti Quebecois.

In our heart of hearts, my friends, it is time to confront the true beast and enemy before us, and finally recognize the Liberal Party as the real enemy for whom they really are.

They simply masquerade as Federalists, but they are not...Just examine their record...they are not so distant in policy from the separatist PQ, just better dressed in fictitious federalist clothing.

Do you not remember who it was who originally brought us these heinous, anti-democratic and unfair language laws in the first place?

Permit me to remind you that it was none other than Liberal Premier Robert Bourassa who forced language law Bill 22 on us in 1974, who banished English signs, who was the instigator in closing our schools, and restricting enrolments into our classrooms, and who could have moderated and changed all of this, but he did NOT.

And do I have to remind you that it is Jean Charest who also could have moderated and changed these restrictive, discriminatory laws, and who did not.

The very same Jean Charest and the liberal party, who are mute, unprincipled, and liars on top of it.

And I urge you not to forgive, nor to forget their useless, so called "representatives", Lawrence Bergman, Russell Copeman, Geoff Kelly, Jacques Chagnon in Westmount, and I save for least and last, Yolande James, a lawyer, a woman, a woman of colour, a visible minority who has sold out everything she should have understood and learned about "rights" for her own minority community.

Sold out for what??

For Fame? a chauffeured limousine? a lifetime pension on the backs of the people she so poorly represents?

Shame, Shame on her, Shame on them all!!!

Where are the people of honour, of principle, of decency, of morality?

And I am remembering now, the honourable actions and meaningful resignations of Herbert Marx, Richard French, and Clifford Lincoln over Bill 178 - Yes the original sign law! Back in 1988 just before the election of the four Equality members...


If we want to, and if we dare...

To all those who claim that the minorities and the Anglos of Quebec are isolated and in retreat, it is through the guidance and a slight editing of the words of the greatest and most resolute Sir Winston Churchill, that the following might become our constant chant of response and encouragement:

"We shall reclaim our rights in Quebec City and in Ottawa.

We shall proclaim our rights with growing confidence, and with expanding strength in grass roots support, and in the mass media.

We shall defend our individual rights, and our right to be Canadian, whatever the cost may be.

We shall fight on the doorsteps,

We shall fight in the meeting halls,

We shall fight for our place in media,

We shall fight in the Assemblee Nationale at Quebec, and in the Parliament of Canada.

We will never surrender our rights, nor our right to be fully Canadian.

Passion, my friends...passion!

It is all in our hands to succeed...if only we will.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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