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So what will be different?

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Recent accounts of the purported final report of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission in the Gazette demonstrate moments of enlightenment, but AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik responds that the proposed "adjustments and harmonizations" will result in little or no positive action from Quebec nationalists and the Charest Liberal Government.

AffiliationQuebec regrets that there is no apparent mention of restoring abrogated rights to Quebec's Anglos and other minorities as proof of their true value to Quebec, and as an indication that Quebec is an open, and fully democratic society."

"We do not want accomodation", emphasizes Nutik, "We require full recognition of our rights as Canadian citizens in Quebec, to which both Quebec and Canadian political leaders have been both deaf and irresponsible in their failure to act".

"While we have heard a message of moderation from the Commissioners," says Nutik, "There is nothing here or in the anticipated responses from dissenting voices to give comfort to Quebec's Anglophones and other communities that our rights, concerns, and well being are fully respected".

"Political rhetoric and empty assurances litter Quebec's landscape", Nutik says, "but it is in the intent of enacted laws that the true story is told. The result is written in history books".

AffiliationQuebec is an officially recognized political party formed to represent the full interests of loyal Canadians living in the Province of Quebec.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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