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    Liberals score "failing grade" in history test!

For immediate release

With Quebec's English language textbook fiasco still far from being resolved, AffiliationQuebec Leader, Allen Nutik accuses Charest Liberal English members of the National Assembly with impotence and inaction following the latest grade 10 provincial history test debacle.

"English language students, province wide, have suffered severe prejudice at the hands of the Quebec Government and the Ministry of Education," emphasizes Nutik, "And these students require and deserve immediate remedial assistance, now."

"This latest failing and insult," says Nutik, "ought to ignite Anglo and Allophone communities to demand forceful action in both files, even if they do not have children in grade 10."

The callous and empty rhetoric in the recent open letter from the four English MNA's (Gazette, June 21, 2008) is testament to the failure of the Charest Liberals towards Quebec's minority communities, says Nutik, who adds, "they pay lip service to their presumed dependant voters, while doing precious little of value for them.

AffiliationQuebec is an official political party formed to represent the full rights and interests of loyal Canadians living in the Province of Quebec.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

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