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    Charest: In Quebec it's Cultural

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Of Quebecers, Premier Jean Charest says, " It is a cultural problem when it comes to driving cars."

"May we extrapolate," asks AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik, " Is stomping on minority rights a Quebec cultural problem too?"

Charest imagines how the families of accident victims must feel; he obviously has less feeling for the children excluded from English schooling by his Bill 104, six hundred thousand who have left Quebec because of oppressive government, or the one million Quebec minorities who live under his government's undeclared, but state-sanctioned discrimination through Quebec's language, sign, and education laws.

Now that language and labor peace have been well achieved in Quebec, once the treaty on manpower mobility between France and Quebec will be signed, will Quebec minorities be eligible for jobs in the civil service of France?

The premier stated on the weekend that he was the "premier of all Quebecers, without exception".

We could name a few!

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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