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    New Brunswick Shows the Way.....

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In New Brunswick, the people spoke, and the government of Premier Shaun Graham listened, according to a recent article in the Montreal Gazette (August 06,2008).

In Quebec, says AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik, the Charest Liberals follow a tightly scripted education and language policy set out by the nationalists.

"Bilingualism in Quebec." emphasizes Nutik, "should be at 'the heart' of who we are in this province, except that it cannot be because Canada and Quebec have been ruled by the nationalist-separatist agenda since the early 1970's."

"Why is it that New Brunswick exhibits good will, respect, and linguistic peace while Quebec has resorted to restrictive language, sign, and education laws to enforce a system of overt, but always denied, state sanctioned discrimination." asks Nutik?

Protection of language and culture are legitimate concepts in the view of AffiliationQuebec; but they are best achieved through development of pride, education, and positive incentives, not through legislated discrimination.

Nutik feels strongly that Quebec's one million Anglophones, Allophones, and other minorities should be recognized for the "partners" they are, rather than the enemies and victims they have been made to be by Quebec's nationalist movement.

These regrettable policies have cost the province more than six hundred thousand skilled, educated, and successful emigres who have exercised their right to depart an openly hostile society.

The situation has only been worsened as most national political parties attempt to appease nationalist demands from Quebec in their attempt to win the parliamentary seats necessary to form a majority government in Canada.

"Appeasement," says Nutik, "is not a good policy."

AffiliationQuebec is an official political party formed to champion full Canadian values and rights in the Province of Quebec.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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