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    Charest: Assure Us We Are NOT Being Ripped Off!

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AffiliationQuebec stands firmly for free enterprise and open competition in the marketplace.

The question of gasoline, diesel fuel, and energy pricing in the Quebec and Canadian marketplaces is of considerable concern to a large number of consumers who require these fuels to power their vehicles and to heat their homes and businesses.

It is no secret that oil is an international commodity whose cost is often volatile, and which is priced in US dollars. Canadian consumers pay for their "juice" in Canadian currency, which is also very volatile. All of these constantly changing factors make the calculation of reasonable pricing for fuel at any given time a virtual impossibility, except perhaps for a handful of oil company executives, but certainly not for most consumers.

Those points notwithstanding, consumers know that they never pay below market value for their energy supplies. But considering the essential role of energy in all our lives, we are hard pressed to know if we are paying too much.

Some governments already regulate the price of milk, eggs, and other commodities. While AffiliationQuebec is not asking the Government of Quebec to regulate the price of fuel, we are seeking assurances from some competent authority, if there is one, that we are not being blatantly ripped off and robbed on the price of indispensable fuels.

AffiliationQuebec suspects that regrettably and far too often, we are! We know that we are not alone in that suspicion.

For many of us, the recognition that governments profit from hefty taxes levied on fuel prices, and knowing that the Charest Liberal Government is involved in the file, certainly is not one bit reassuring.

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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