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    An Opportunity for Montreal North to Break Free!

For immediate release

AffiliationQuebec Leader Allen Nutik acknowledges that we are unable at this time to know exactly what transpired over two August nights in Montreal North.

However it is evident that this area of Montreal is filled with many Canadians from immigrant and diverse cultural and ethnic communities.

While there may be drugs and gang elements involved in the neighbourhood, it is clear that cultural alienation and some forms of disenfranchisement play a considerable role in the community.

While the responsibility for improved security remains heavy on the Montreal Police, the political ramifications of this distressed community's alienation are not being adequately addressed by the current elected members of the National Assembly. This is "No surprise." says Nutik.

As a champion of minority rights, AffiliationQuebec calls on Quebec's cultural communities to select effective candidates to run under the AQ banner in order to elect relevant representation to send to the National Assembly.

The tense situation in Montreal North offers a unique opportunity for these communities to 'break free' from Quebec's nationalist agenda, and to play a direct role in their own governance.

AffiliationQuebec is an official political party formed to champion full Canadian values and rights in the Province of Quebec.


Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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