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    What is All the Fuss About? A Little Balance Here!

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Much of Canada's media is abuzz over a Vancouver, BC, golf club's decision to enforce a ruling requiring the use of English.

At AffiliationQuebec, a registered political party fighting for minority rights, we fail to understand all the fuss.

In 1974, Quebec's Liberal Government passed Bill 22, the precursor to the infamous Bill 101, proclaiming French as the only official language in Quebec.

According to AffiliationQuebec Leader, Allen Nutik, "These laws constituted a 'coup' against all of Canada, especially it's citizens living in the Province of Quebec."

"Once you explain to us," says Nutik, "How one province got away with institutionalizing open 'state sponsored discrimination' against one million Quebec Anglophones, Allophones, and other minorities, the Federal Government, all mainline political party leaders, the Canadian courts system, and millions of Canadians in the rest of Canada, we will get concerned about one golf club in Vancouver."

Nutik wants to know: Are Quebec's discriminated against minorities, as full citizens of Canada, not entitled to live in Quebec with all the complete and inherent rights of being Canadian?

Is it not disingenuous that the Federal Government promotes national bilingualism and affirmative hiring programmes for French Canadians across Canada, while Quebec is officially unilingual, French, and employs few Anglophones, Allophones, and visible minorities?

"While Canada's political leaders and the media, in general, have abandoned loyal Canadians in Quebec," says Nutik, "Is it not odd that the latest media furore is an uproar over one English only, golf club?"

And the country is getting ready for a national federal election? Get real Canada; Fix the Quebec problem first!


Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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