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    Comments on the Quebec Election by Allen E. Nutik

For immediate release

Having ruminated over the results of the December 08, 2008 elections in Quebec, it became starkly evident to me that there was no great victory here for the ever-nationalist leaning Quebec Liberal Party.

Moreover, there was no great personal victory here for Mr. Charest, either, who just squeaked by with an unimpressive majority, polling far less than 50% of support from the less than 60% of Quebecers who actually went to the polls. Predictably, even a lower percentage voted in the west-end Montreal constituencies.

I was not one of them. I could find no candidate worth the effort of supporting; neither with my vote, nor with the annual financial contribution my vote would have conferred on the recipient of my largesse. And since the system does not record either spoiled ballots, or offer a category of 'none of these candidates', I stayed at home, which for the present, remains my democratic right, until Quebec proceeds to take that away from me, as well as other rights already restricted.

Most notably, the election result culminated with a formidable re-consolidation and return to eminence for Quebec's sovereignist, separatist, and nationalist movements. The reinstatement in strength of the separatist enterprise must not be underscored. And do not forget that ultra nationalist Louise Beaudoin is back! Enough said; this will not auger well for the English in Quebec.

Worse, it is a pity and of even greater concern that most will misinterpret the Quebec election results.

For those who continue to delude themselves, they will persist in believing that the separation of Quebec from Canada cannot and will not happen. I certainly hope that they are correct in that assumption.

The unfolding scenario of weak national leadership from Ottawa and the results of the Quebec election point all too clearly to the future, especially if one is able to count and interpret the voting patterns. To this observer, they indicate clearly that the separatist movement is very much alive and well, and that the ultimate separation of Quebec is closer at hand than even the separatists, themselves, would have dared to hope.

So even if Charest puts two or three of his Quisling Anglos into his very nationalist leaning cabinet, what will it change? Still, more than one million Quebecers will continue to be denied their basic, democratic, and what should be Canadian rights and privileges. It must not be forgotten that it is Charest and his Liberal party who are, in reality, the rights deniers and oppressors of the minority communities here in La Belle Province!

Would have; could have; should have…if AffiliationQuebec had been able to have won just three seats in the legislature, Anglophones, Allophones, and the other minorities of Quebec would at this moment be holding the balance of power. Who could have known? But all of that can only be the subject of idle speculation and the wild dreams of Christmas past.

Quebec's Anglophones and Allophones have spoken clearly to me, if not eloquently in their silence. I must conclude that they just are not interested in their English future in Quebec. Or else, they would have rallied to do something different. I have now heard and recognized their clear message of inertia, for whatever their muted reasons!

Moreover, it is difficult to underestimate the role played by Montreal's major English language media (Gazette, CJAD, CBC, CTV, Global) and some of them in their ongoing, unfailing, and unquestioned support for Charest and the Quebec Liberals, which is absolutely their right. For whatever reasons, Anglophones and Allophones had little knowledge that AffiliationQuebec even existed as an official Quebec political party.

As an operating political enterprise, we must assume our large share of the responsibility for having failed to promote the party better. But perhaps, in our naiveté, we had originally presumed the major English language media would have been more forthcoming in heralding our presence as an alternative choice on the political scene, particularly having achieved "official" political party status. Regretfully, on this point, we were dead wrong! But several English weekly papers were absolutely heroic.

Deep down, I suppose, my deep-seated remorse is that Canada is a country that deserves better! In the end, we will have proven to be the product of our own mediocrity, complacency, and the sub-standard respect we hold for ourselves as a 'wanna be' great and leading nation.

I did not wake up one cold winter morning with the intention of becoming the poster boy for the end of tyranny in Quebec. It was never about me; it was always about our loss of rights. In reality, it was the stark realization that my intrinsic rights to language, signs, education, and access as an Anglophone and as a minority had been abrogated in Quebec.

I had become a victim of always denied, but state sponsored discrimination. No matter how often I try to rationalize that Quebec and Canada are not a third world backwater, it is still hard for me to accept that more than six hundred thousand Quebecers have fled the open racism and government imposed restrictions in this province.

I will never abandon the battle for our lost rights, nor stop questioning how several Federal Governments deserted us, nor asking how we were betrayed by the courts that should have protected us. And I will never cease to wonder how so many of us who claim to be so loyal to Canada could stand by in silence and inaction as our minority situation in Quebec continues to worsen. Is there no Anglo outrage left?

For this failed political leader, while surfing the incoming results on election night, my inner feelings ranged from bittersweet, to empty resignation, to a deep sense of great foreboding and concern for my country.

Why do I feel so powerless, I ask? Because our plight and rights as minority Quebecers are ignored; because we have been abandoned; because we suffer the indignity of veiled threats and open discrimination; and because we have ceased to fight with conviction for our entitled rights.

AffiliationQuebec has not disappeared; nor has our website which remains as a living record of what we stand for. New members are actively encouraged, as well as your appreciated financial support. The time to prepare to battle the next election has already begun.

In any event, as of this moment, I too, am with Mario!

Allen E. Nutik, Leader/Chef

Please join with us to assure and protect your future in Quebec.
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