Time for a Reality Check!

“French no boon for Allophones” screams the front-page headline in the Monday edition of The Gazette on April 14, 2008. The story is about the unusually high rate of unemployment of immigrant French speaking Allophones.

It didn’t take a genius to ferret out that news flash; AffiliationQuebec knows all of that, if only we had been asked.

What this article tells us is that we all have a major problem here in Quebec. We know it, but nobody in leadership or government has ever confessed to it before.

Not only are Anglos and other minorities the victims of overt, but always denied, linguistic discrimination, but now we are told that the French Speaking immigrant replacements for the 600,000 who have already left Quebec are now feeling the same discrimination.

This is very bad!

Premier Jean Charest is the ringmaster for this multi-stage rodeo. We will soon see if he has what it takes to ride the bull!

Fortunately for these new, handpicked by Quebec immigrants, there are enough generously federally financed French-speaking communities elsewhere in Canada where they might eventually find a more hospitable climate. Once a citizen of Canada, we are still entitled to choose the time of our own exile from La Belle Province.

This huge Quebec nationalist program of social re-engineering, intent on creating a separate French only country, is backfiring.

What new negative report will they cover-up, or spring on us next?

All of this brings little comfort to the Anglo and other cultural communities struggling to assert their rights in a heedless, nationalist, ethnocentric Quebec. And let us not forget all those similar minded French Canadians who share our deep concerns for Quebec’s cloudy future.

We hasten to remind you that La vieille capitale of Quebec City and Sherbrooke were once thriving English population centres of considerable importance to this province. No more!

While Anglo influence in Montreal is very much reduced as a result of the exodus we choose not to talk about, we must, nonetheless, ask if the unfortunate histories of Quebec City and Sherbrooke are to be repeated here in the Montreal metropolitan region?

The leadership of Quebec must act now in order to stop alienating non French Quebecers’ rights.

It may already be too late, considering the pressures and will of Quebec nationalists, and the apparent unwillingness of Anglos and other minorities to fight for their own survival.

This follows as a result of too many years suffering a form of Stockholm syndrome, the glaring failings of our own community leadership, and our abandonment by almost all political leaders in Ottawa.

The evidence is now clear that I am not the only one to feel patently uncomfortable living in his own city of Montreal, in the Province of Quebec?

Who conferred the right on Quebec nationalists to stage a legislative coup in 1974, declaring the only official language in Quebec to be French? And how did they get away with it?

AffiliationQuebec has provided a fresh political vehicle to rally loyal Canadians and all minority communities in Quebec to fight for their entitled, abrogated rights, and the freedom to openly enjoy their once constitutionally assured prerogative to unfettered Canadian life.

Why, we ask, are Quebec Anglos not joining us in droves?

Is it apathy? Is it fear? Is it fatigue? Or is there some special affection for Jean Charest, the Liberal party, and the dismal performance of Anglo Members of the National Assembly?

Do not go to sleep tonight without asking your friends, relatives, and co-workers to join in supporting and building AffiliationQuebec to be the legitimate voice of loyal Canadians in Quebec.

A $10 cheque for each membership will help us to advance the work of the party on your behalf.

Please spread this important message to your lists.