Will Safer Vehicles Protect Canadian Lives?

The issue of Canadian soldiers losing their lives in Afghanistan is far from the AffiliationQuebec usual beat of Anglophone and minority rights in the Province of Quebec.

Considering that a significant number of Canadians continue to take casualties from vehicle accidents and especially from ied’s (improvised explosive devices), it is our opinion that the fleet of Canadian military vehicles presently being used is not up to the advanced battle conditions our troops encounter in the Afghanistan theatre of operations.

Pictured below are two vehicle types currently employed by the US military, which have in large measure reduced American casualties in similar battle conditions.

questions the value of continuing to savage Canadian troops in such a hostile assignment, notwithstanding the new acquisition of long awaited airborne support.

further asks why better suited road transport equipment has not already been provided, especially considering that remarkably safer vehicles are currently being manufactured, and are available.

At one hundred Canadian soldiers lost, the Afghanistan campaign has taken a heavy toll on Canadian lives, and taxpayers resources. If loss of Canadian lives is a function of outdated and inferior transport, the mission may have to reconsider its options.