A Message to English Speaking Quebec: Anglos Definitely Are Watching!

The Gazette has played its hand plainly and openly, clearly demonstrating its solid support for Jean Charest, the Quebec Liberal Party at any cost, and the ineffective English “Vendu” members of the Quebec Legislature.

‘More of the same’ unacceptable representation is definitely acceptable for the Gazette; Montreal’s only English daily language newspaper. Regretfully, The Gazette has been and continues to be part and parcel of the failure of Quebec’s English community to save itself in the face of an emergent, hostile nationalist-separatist enemy in this province and country.

What and who gave Liberal, Robert Bourassa, the right in 1974 to stage a coup on Quebec and Canada with the imposition of Bill 22, and just how did he get away with it, anyway?

Successive Quebec governments since, both Liberal and PQ, have enacted laws that openly discriminate against the English and minority populations of Quebec.

We are bombarded constantly with continuing messages and threats promising that more oppressive restrictions are to come, from the hiring of even more language and sign cops, the ‘say bonjour’ campaign, the impending questionable immigration contract, and the always steady taunts from the Party Quebecois, which is preparing to resurrect its dogged, menacing pit bull, Louise Beaudoin. Just where will we be if the PQ wins the next election? And it could!

We will be still searching for some miraculous saviour, as we continue to huddle in the same sinking boat we already find ourselves in, being tossed about on a very turbulent sea.

Be it Quebec Liberal, PQ, or ADQ, for Quebec’s Anglos and minorities, it is one and the same. The choices are NOT encouraging.

We are an English community in steep decline and deep denial. We suffer never-ending attack and perpetual uncertainty. Who can not have noticed? Every message tells us that we do not belong here in ‘French’ Quebec; that we are just NOT welcome, valued, or appreciated.

With the acute decline of the English community, and the self-imposed exile of more than six hundred thousand Quebecers, notwithstanding all denials to the contrary, the overall positive growth of Quebec has, in essence, been curtailed.

To say so openly is to expose the hidden truths of this nationalist Quebec society, still on the edge of the abyss and separation. Why is it forbidden, especially for an Anglo, to challenge the myths that clearly Les Quebecois must never be permitted to hear, nor to doubt?

Why should Quebec’s English and minority communities be the intended and prejudiced victims of Quebecois nationalism? Political correctness be damned; face it, we are a discriminated against and disappearing minority!

Where is our outrage of having been victimized? Where is our dignity? Where is our spirit to resist? Are we all suffering from Stockholm syndrome?

Too many of us in Quebec have now accepted abrogated rights, including restricted use of the English language, constraints in respect to signage, and limitations on attendance to English language schools for our own and immigrant children, not to mention loss of full Canadian charter rights, and access to services.

Quebec’s minorities are NOT the enemies of the French language or of Quebecois culture. Nonetheless, we have been targeted as its scapegoat and victims.

When, where, and how will we fight back? Where will we draw the line for such discriminatory and prejudicial treatment leading to our own communal demise? Why have we become complicit in our own destruction? Why have we allowed ourselves to become strangers in our own land? Why are we not able to live here in Quebec as full and equal Canadian citizens?

Jean Charest is no shining Canadian hero. He is, in reality because of his policies, a serial rights abuser. And the Gazette is no great crusading newspaper fighting for the rights and survival of its own seriously embattled community.

At AffiliationQuebec, we rue the death of the long departed Montreal Star; but we will not cry for the ultimate disappearance of the ailing Gazette. Perhaps a new, little English newspaper with guts, bravado and integrity, will eventually rise from the ashes of the Gazette to fight for and support our full rights as Canadians, and citizens happy to be here and productive in Quebec.

Although it is clearly evident that most of us are respective of, and appreciative of the obvious and ever present French fact, regretfully, it appears that no matter how much we attempt to comply, it seems never to be enough!

Why attack the Gazette, you ask? I am compelled to do so because the Gazette must be exposed as being an integral and responsible facilitator of our underlying problems of essential disrespect and destruction, because of its silence and complicit behaviour.

We have little to lose, here; we expect absolutely no support from the Gazette. In fact, we were surprised to have been mentioned in that editorial at all, except to be belittled. We send our releases to The Gazette only to be assured that they know what we are saying, not that they seem one bit to care. So be it!

The Gazette is no friend, neither of our English community, nor of our just cause for lost rights in Quebec. The Gazette strongly supports our oppressors; yes oppressors. Just read that Saturday editorial carefully for confirmation of that fact. Almost thirty years of it!

One day, we can only hope an interested historian will document the severe damage done to Quebec’s English communities, and indeed to all Quebec, contributed to by the biases and policies promoted by the Montreal Gazette.

Sure, AffiliationQuebec is tiny, as attested to by a suggestively well-placed notation at the bottom of that Saturday editorial, because the Gazette has made sure that AQ and any other Anglo opposition movement would remain tiny or stillborn.

We fully recognize that the editorial policy of any media outlet is their right in a free society. But alongside that right of publication or non-publication, there exists an implied set of obligations and responsibilities, which must also be met, especially in a single daily newspaper town. While I retain my own opinion, I will let it fall to others to render their own judgment on the Gazette, and I suspect it will not be sweet, if it ever comes.

AffiliationQuebec has no complaint that we generally received little coverage in the major media. We were just surprised that our existence as an official Quebec political party, and our comments as the established, although as yet un-elected, Anglo and minority voice, constituted such little news value. Having been trained and experienced as a news reporter and broadcaster, who knew?

The Gazette is not, alone, responsible for the English community’s precarious predicament. CBC, CTV, Global, The National Post, the other Toronto papers and leading open line broadcaster CJAD have all been virtually deaf and dumb to the true situation of the English communities in Quebec.. Perhaps they were all hoping that an errant Quebec nationalism would correct itself in order to mend a possibly irreparable fracturing Canada.

It is only thanks to a handful of brave Quebec weekly newspapers and the now silenced as a news radio station, 940 news radio, that AffiliationQuebec received any essential exposure.

There is a monstrous, rampaging nationalist elephant ravaging the land, while most who would be in charge pretend it does not exist. Meanwhile, untold thousands have fled from Quebec with their skills, education, money, and progeny, while the extent of their contribution and value has been fraudulently concealed. Conveniently, as part of the narrative, most have now forgotten they have even lived here, and left. In the nationalist’s minds, they, their contributions, and their loss did not even exist

What happened to English community leadership? What English community leadership, we must ask? And what about our notably silent, Quisling English members of the Quebec Legislature, who should have acted, instead have sold us out, big time!

Have they no self-respect? Have they no honour? Obviously not! They will collect large, publicly funded pensions, and if lucky enough, will snag double dipping patronage jobs to boot. You can add star Liberal candidate Kathleen Weil to the list!

It is important to recall the honourable actions and meaningful resignations of Herbert Marx, Richard French, and Clifford Lincoln over Bill 178, the original sign law, back in 1988 just before the 1989 election of the four Equality members. Would that we could only do it again, this time with better political results.

For Anglophones, Allophones, and other minorities in Quebec, especially in the so called west end Montreal ridings with sufficient numbers of still English speakers, re-electing non-performing Liberals to misrepresent our better interests will be only to worsen our already tenuous situation.

In a province where the Government acts openly against Anglophones and minorities, this blatantly denied, state sanctioned discrimination is no less than a national disgrace. The departure of 600,000 of our family and friends cannot just have been for no valid reason.

We urge loyal Canadians, English and French, to have the courage to join us at AffiliationQuebec to participate in building the structures that will enable us to save ourselves.

Charest, the Liberal Party, the ADQ and the PQ will not help the English and minorities of Quebec; they have an alternate nationalist agenda that does not include us! In the end, the survival of Canada as a country, and the English in Quebec as an identifiable community will depend solely on our own courage, our own actions, and on the collective “us”. Otherwise, on a practical and realistic basis, our future in Quebec will be severely limited.

With the absence of any significant major media support, for AffiliationQuebec to become a viable entity and to truly succeed, it will require the evolution and expansion of a grass roots movement to take hold. The vehicle is already in place; all it will require is more committed and active people to participate. Please help us to spread the message.

Considering the Election is to be held on December 08, we will have little time to finance our campaign and organize our troops.

Unfortunately, if it is to ‘happen’ for the English of Quebec, it is going to be up to your personal involvement and commitment to make it happen!