A Quebecer’s Plea for what should be Normal Canadian Rights!

Writing about Quebec’s language, sign, and education laws in reference to English, I am reminded of the famous Mahatma Ghandi quote: “There are unjust laws, and there are unjust men.”

Those discriminatory Quebec laws which abrogate Anglo and minority rights are morally and unjust laws, and the members of the legislature who passed them into law and today still continue to support the existence of those abhorrent and restrictive laws are equally “unjust”.

And citizens of Canada, who live in Quebec, who willingly submit to those unjust laws without protest or without openly working to replace the members of the National Assembly who endorse them, either do not grasp the severe implications of denied, but open, state sanctioned discrimination under which we suffer; or they do not understand their personal part in the continuing destruction and disappearance of Anglophones, Allophones, and other minorities from Quebec.

I ask you: As more than one million of non-French origin Quebecers, are we not, as full citizens of Canada, entitled to live in Quebec with all the full and inherent rights of being Canadian?

In my opinion, anything less would clearly demonstrate some emptiness or key failing of Canada’s democracy and social fabric. And if such an important principle of social justice were denied to so many Quebecers as has been and remains the case since the enactment of Bill 22 in 1974, that such a major defect should go uncorrected would be blatantly unforgivable.

Again I ask you: Why should we be the intended and prejudiced victims of Quebecois nationalism? Political correctness be damned! Face it, we are a discriminated against, disappearing minority! Where is our outrage of having been victimized? Where is our dignity?

Cast off the numbness of Stockholm syndrome! Be silent no longer! Join with AffiliationQuebec so your voice can be heard. AQ cannot represent your interests without your active participation.

If you agree, please spread this important message. And above all, please join us!