An Ode to Canada

Has anyone noticed that this 2008 federal election campaign has failed neither to reflect nor to inspire the ‘big picture’ of Canadian aspirations?

Notwithstanding the fact that this is a national election being waged, once again Quebec and its nationalist-separatist agenda are at the very forefront of the issues under discussion – except, of course, for the plight of more than one million loyal Canadians who live in the Province of Quebec; and who have been deprived of what should be their essential Canadian rights of language, signs, education, and access; and who live under a regime of open, state-sanctioned discrimination in their own province.

These are all subjects that virtually nobody seeking election on October 14 wants or dares to talk about. We understand that, because if those issues ever saw the light of day, it would expose our national leaders for the hypocritical politicians they really are…. and crush the fiction of Canada’s supposedly stellar human rights record by exposing an epic, national story of abrogated, basic rights.

Imagine, openly courting and lavishing Quebec nationalists and separatists with the recognition and tools that will eventually demonstrate to them, so clearly, that they already possess all of the elements and instruments necessary to declare the long considered and not surprising unilateral declaration of independence.

That moment will not come under the current Charest-Liberal regime, but it certainly could come under a future elected separatist government of Quebec, of the Parti Quebecois type, often elected in the new Quebec since the arrival of the quiet revolution of 1960.

Is the plot so unclear that it defies recognition?

AffiliationQuebec is disturbed that the sinister forces of national decentralization are so busy isolating the vulnerable parts of Canada in their shameless quest of buying regional votes in the name of majority government, that the slow demise of any real Canadian sense of raison d’etre will be obscured to a dulled and tired Canadian electorate.

It is not only about Quebec, alone. It is about all of the side deals, opting out, and separate arrangements negotiated all over the country. The question is: when, if ever, will all of us in all regions of Canada be governed by the same laws, arrangements, and standards at the same time? One and the same country for all of us!

Does anybody in this country still subscribe to a vision of “One Nation from sea to sea”, ad mare usque ad mare? One country believing in a “Canadian Nation”, composed of loyal citizens pledging allegiance to Canada, our country? Is there no personal link to a deep and abiding pride in the majesty of the “whole” nation of Canada?

Where have we gone wrong? What do we fail to see in the value of recognizing the “Quebecois Nation” and the aboriginal nations, and whatever other nations within Canada that need to be showered with some display of empty love?

What about the Canadian Nation, of which I thought I was part; of which I expected that all 32 million of us were proudly part?

The piecemeal and steady decentralization of Canada for selfish and personal political reasons that we are observing does, regretfully, lead somewhere.

It leads to the balkanization of Canada: it is Yugoslavia, it is Czechoslovakia, it is Belgium, it is the ignominious and slow end of the Canadian dream some of us thought we have been fighting for all these many years to achieve. It was the huge Canadian vision and dream that was too large for small and petty leaders to realize.

It is the “emperor’s new clothes” which even provincially subsidized eyeglasses still make us unable to see, and which always vigilant media concentration in Canada refuses to let us see.

Harper’s quest for nationalist votes from Quebec will surely tear us asunder. We have seen this all before in the original creation of the Bloc Quebecois, and the treachery of Lucien Bouchard and his ilk. These would be leaders of ours’ who confidently seek our votes surely must be unschooled in the details of Canadian history.

Are we all to be the victims of lesser regional and national despots who are unable to understand the grandeur of the unattainable, exquisite Canadian tableau and mosaic? Pity!

Interesting, is it not; that they who are French and Catholic of origin possess the tribal bonds to be recognized as a “nation”; while we who would form the “Canadian nation” have only our passports, regions, and weak leadership to guide us towards national division.

Do not be fooled; Quebec separation is not dead, still riding at a significant 40% in the polls, even as Harper happily and eagerly offers up all of the tools necessary to make eventual separation a reality. Harper and Dion and Layton are their men of separatist empowerment; the Neville Chamberlains of Canadian national appeasement.

Who stands for Canada?

Not these men…they stand for re-election as snake-oil hawkers, obviously unaware or powerless to control the writing of their own eventual places in mundane Canadian history.

Oh Canada, our country strong and free, sold down the toilet by federal and provincial men of little vision!

God help us all…