No justice for violent acts?

In support of rights and free speech, AffiliationQuebec has never questioned the right of Les Jeunes Patriots du Quebec to demonstrate in front of meetings, except to advise authorities of their presence in the interests of public order and security.

“We recognize open intimidation when we meet it, but in our supposedly free and democratic society, we expect violence to be contained.”

The unilateral decision by Montreal police not to charge the unwarranted and violent aggression into the peaceful, “rights rally” meeting area within the hotel premises, at an event held by an official Quebec political party Sunday afternoon, is both surprising and disturbing.

There are sufficient pictures and video to identify the perpetrators and their aggressive acts. That the plain clothed police officers were neither present nor assisted is equally of concern.

questions if the refusal to seek justice under the law is an open signal that acts of violence against democratic process will be tolerated, and it is now to be considered normal procedure to target minority rights advocates in Quebec?

called the incident “regrettable, reprehensible, and unprovoked,” and further asks “If the unwillingness of officials to press charges in the face of open intimidation and violence is indicative of the additional price which must be paid in suppressing the message of abrogated rights in Quebec?