The Suburban, Editorial/Opinion

Quebec nationalists do have a plan for their vision of the future of Quebec. Regretfully, Quebec’s minority communities and anglos do not!

The next referendum on sovereignty (separation from Canada) will be held only when the “winning conditions” for a 50 percent + 1 vote are assured. And that day may not be so far off.

Between the “linguistic cleansing” of anglos and non-integrated minorities in Quebec and the regrettable actions of most of our federal party leaders that have blinded them to their role in the diminution of committed Canadians in Quebec, the “winning conditions” for separation edge ever closer.

PQ leader Pauline Marois felt assured enough of this several weeks ago when she revealed what separatists, sovereignists, autonomists and nationalists are really thinking when she brazenly stated of Quebec immigrants: “Many of them believe that they are settling in a bilingual state. It is not true. Quebec is a francophone state that respects the rights of its anglophone minority”.

In that statement, Marois confirmed two “lies” which have gone completely unchallenged today…except by AffiliationQuebec, the fledgling new Quebec political party committed to actively pursuing the full rights and interests of committed Canadians living in Quebec.

The first lie is that Quebec is a state, and except for the fact that it is not, because as of this writing, it is still a province of Canada, it just as well may be its own state for the manner in which successive federal governments have modified the federation to permit Quebecers to think and act as hyphenated Canadians, seemingly in transit to separate nationhood.

Meanwhile, Quebec minorities and Anglos continue to be marginalized and continue to witness the erosion of their full civil rights.

And here is the second lie. That the rights of the anglophone and other minorities have been respected when clearly “rights” have been abrogated, and about 20 percent of Quebecers live in a climate of linguistic oppression and constricted opportunity.

The nationalist agenda is clear and consistent. It systemically controls the arrival of new immigrants, choosing French speakers by preference, and forcing virtually all new arrivals to Quebec into the French system where they will embark on an inferior program of English education as a second language.

In the meantime, subtle pressures are constantly applied to the English communities and their structures, which have already seen 600,000+ émigrés and their future progeny shorn from our midst. And it’s not over yet.

The passing of the Canadian faithful among our aging population and the stream of self-rewarding departees, exercising, perhaps, their last remaining Canadian right by voting with their feet, signals the further decline of our historic presence in Quebec.

A sign of the times, some say, but we know better the feeling of being pushed.

Unless dramatic action is undertaken to promote Canadian pride and equal rights in all the land, it will only be a matter of time before the “winning conditions” for the separation of Quebec will be at hand.

The result of the last separation referendum was already too close for comfort.

So, why do Ottawa governments consistently woo Quebec nationalists while ignoring faithful federalists in Quebec? More importantly, why do Quebec’s minorities permit Ottawa to ignore us?

And even more importantly, are Quebec’s minorities and Anglos so tired, fearful or disinterested, that they are willing to settle for the ever-growing unraveling of their basic civil rights?

As leader of AffiliationQuebec, and with your aggressive support if you join us, we will fight to assure that Quebec’s minorities and Anglophones will no longer be victimized by the Quebec nationalist agenda.

AffiliationQuebec is the political vehicle to refocus the agenda, and to reclaim our lost rights. The political party route was chosen because it is the only way that obligates media to cover and report our concerns and viewpoints that reflect the needs of our cultural communities.

Election of our members to the Quebec Legislature will bring both legitimacy and visibility, if the inherent advantages of election success are carefully exercised.

But for this to happen will require a concerted and concentrated effort by thousands who are committed to individual rights and liberties. We all need to choose the manner in which we will live our lives. Only we, through our involvement, can make the theoretical protections of the Charter of Rights real. Only we can prove it indeed applies to all Quebecers.

The Quebec Liberals have ably and amply demonstrated that they absolutely do not represent minority interests at all. But they will take their votes, of course.

Of course, you can vote for the Greens, but how will that bring about the restoration of rights? Our real choices for better representation are really not that wide. And that’s why AffiliationQuebec came into being.