There is NO “Nous”!

(Saturday Extra), there is NO “nous”, and please stop the propaganda; we are NOT included.

What more proof do you need?

Do you not hear the constant, loud, and clear message of Quebec nationalists?

When have you last heard Pauline Marois, the Parti Quebecois, Imperatif francais, Les Jeunes Patriots du Quebec, Mouvement Montreal francais, or Societe St Jean Baptiste include “us” in a positive or inclusive way? And please show us where the words of Liberal Premier Jean Charest and the four English MNA’s are any more than lip service to Quebec’s more than one million minority cultural communities.

Where is the positive action of full Canadian rights? Thanks for letting us pay our fair share of excessive Quebec taxes! And what percentage of public service jobs in Quebec did you note we have?

Six hundred thousand of us have already left Quebec, with more of us leaving (and dying) on a regular basis, with very few of us coming or returning.

Anglophones, Allophones and other minorities in Quebec live under an undeclared but open system of state sponsored discrimination that is so clear you would have to be blind not to see it.

Those suffering from the Anglo societal Stockholm syndrome we suffer in Quebec will seek out any published report or study to rationalize our condition of reduced rights. They call it “language peace”; we call it denial of basic rights. How else to explain the dramatic self-exile of so many skilled, educated, and successful citizens and their progeny who have left Quebec? Just why was it that they have left?

Too many of us in Quebec have now accepted abrogated rights, including restricted use of the English language, constraints in respect to signage, and limitations on attendance to English language schools, not to mention loss of full Canadian charter rights. Where is our sense of outrage?

Quebec’s minorities are NOT the enemies of the French language or Quebecois culture, but we have become its scapegoat and victims.

What and who gave Robert Bourassa the right in 1974 to stage a coup on Quebec and Canada with Bill 22, and just how did he get away with it, anyway?

French Quebecers live under one set of majority rights while Anglo and Allopphone Quebecers live under a regime of abrogated rights, which we are required to accept without complaint, upon pain of further threatened restrictions.

The good news? Why should I be the one to add more soothing words? The Gazette has been doing such an excellent job at it since Montreal became a single English daily newspaper town.

Regretfully, to quote Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, “Depressingly, what all of this illustrates is that the media will only give us the information they wish us to have. And that information’s relationship to the truth is arbitrary at best.”